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Inclusive Digital Accessibility: Custom Solutions for Varied Business Needs.

At Code Coast Digital, we prioritise inclusive design and digital accessibility in Wollongong to ensure that digital experiences are available to everyone. Our team which are locally located near you in Wollongong are committed to creating digital solutions that cater to diverse needs and abilities, ensuring equal access for all users.

With a strong emphasis on compliance, empathy, and leveraging industry best practices, we're here to make your digital products, websites, software, and services accessible to a wider audience. Explore our comprehensive suite of accessibility services designed to audit, improve, and maintain compliance, fostering an inclusive online environment and enhancing user experiences for everyone.

Why is Accessibility a crucial aspect of digital solutions?

Accessibility ensures that digital products are inclusive and cater to diverse user needs. At Code Coast Digital, we prioritise website accessibility standards to create experiences that are usable by everyone, fostering an inclusive digital environment.


Accessibility process

Our accessibility framework includes compliance evaluation, design review, testing, and continuous user feedback integration to create an inclusive digital space.

  • Compliance Evaluation: Assess digital products for compliance with accessibility standards.
  • Design & Development Review: Review design and development for accessibility integration.
  • Testing & User Feedback: Conduct testing and gather user feedback for accessibility enhancements.
  • Documentation & Training: Provide documentation and training for maintaining accessibility standards.

Accessibility costs

Investing in accessibility is a strategic commitment to inclusivity in your digital products. Whether you're ensuring compliance or enhancing user experiences for all, it's about creating an environment where everyone can access and engage with your offerings seamlessly.

The cost of your accessibility enhancements can vary, adapted to meet specific compliance needs and the evolving expectations of diverse users. It's an opportunity to prioritise features that directly impact inclusivity and user satisfaction. By considering it as an investment, you're not just allocating resources; you're fostering an inclusive digital space that resonates with all users.

Accessibility services

Code Coast Digital offer a full suite of accessibility services in the Wollongong region. Let's chat today about your business goals and how we can help you to best achieve those goals.


Accessibility Audits and Assessments

Conducting comprehensive assessments to identify accessibility issues in websites and software applications.


WCAG Compliance Consulting

Offering guidance and support to ensure compliance with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) standards.

Customer Centric

Screen Reader Testing

Evaluating how well websites and software interact with screen reader software used by visually impaired users.

Customer Centric

Keyboard Navigation Testing

Assessing the ability of websites and software to be navigated and interacted with solely using a keyboard.


Accessible Design and Development

Incorporating accessibility best practices during design and development to create inclusive user experiences.


Accessibility Training and Education

Offering training to teams and individuals on accessibility principles and best practices for ongoing compliance.

Other locations

As we are digital business we of course offer our services all over Australia but we really enjoy working with small to medium sized business excel. We happily provide our services all over and the following are some locations other than our local area of Wollongong where our team can help your business.

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